Vessel@Anchor ST6

Vessel@Anchor ST6 is a stereo re-composition of the six-channel piece Vessel@Anchor. Whereas the multi-channel version lasts for more than 11 minutes, its stereo sibling almost halves that duration, resulting in a different perception of the timescales involved. The structure of the piece is similar to the original, but the durations of the sections change; only essential elements are retained to preserve the proportions.

The sonograms of Vessel@Anchor (top) and Vessel@Anchor ST6 (bottom) are presented for comparison.

Vessel@Anchor ST6 was composed for IMEB (Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges), it was first presented in 2006 at the Festival Synthèse in Bourges, France, and it was selected by the audience for a subsequent concert at the Festival Synthèse in 2007.

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