Performing Scambi at Middlesex University.

This version was realised in 2011 and was commissioned by Middlesex University.

The analogue tape work Scambi was created in 1957 by the Belgian composer Henri Pousseur at the Studio di Fonologia in Milan, and is an electroacoustic composition in open form. The universities of Padua (I), Aalborg (Dk) and Middlesex (GB) collaborated in the ‘DREAM’ project (Digital Re-working of ElectroAcoustic Music). The project led to a permanent exhibit at the Music Instrument Museum in the Castello Sforzesco, Milan in 2012. ‘Scambi’ is the work chosen to demonstrate how analogue compositions can be re-appropriated using digital technology.

Sequences were connected through similar end and start conditions. Selective filtering was used to accommodate several layers in spectral space, and also as a creative means to an effective narrative and continuity.

Structure for Scambi, using the numbered tape segments created by Henri Pousseur.

Some of the sequences were time-stretched to highlight sonic details and to create interesting interactions between layers. Appropriate positions for major events were found, which determined the length of each time-stretched sequence. I let the pitch changed accordingly, in similar fashion to processing techniques with tape.

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