Ropery Gallery soundscape

Photograph courtesy of Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust

Collaborative composition for an installation, made for the new Ropery Gallery of Chatham Historic Dockyard.

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust commissioned the research team I lead for the project Sonic Palimpsest to compose a soundscape piece. The soundscape is the audio part of the installation to the new Ropery Gallery at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham, opening in March 2022. 

The collaborative composition was created by Brona Martin, Andrew Knight-Hill and myself. We collaborated with the Lima Studio team who created the visual part of the installation. We used raw and processed sound material recorded in the Ropery building, the earliest parts of which date from 1729. The building is a quarter mile long and still uses the machinery installed in the Victorian times.

Information on the launch of the new Ropery Gallery can be found through this link.

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